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Grinding your teeth while sleeping may seem like a small thing. Yet the significant force applied to your teeth and your temporomandibular joints can lead to oral health problems.

Left unaddressed the chronic condition of bruxism could chip or fracture multiple teeth. Even if a damaged tooth doesn’t cause immediate discomfort the minute textures in the compromised tooth enamel could collect bacterial deposits and foster severe tooth decay.

After any dental fractures have been treated a dentist like Dr. Robert Martinich might suggest wearing a dental guard in your mouth when you go to bed. This removable dental appliance can help cushion the biting surfaces of your teeth. The soft plastic material can also allow for a slight amount of amount of slip between your top and bottom teeth to help ease tension on the temporomandibular joints.

If you find that the dental guards sold in stores feel awkward in your mouth, Dr. Martinich might be able to provide you with a custom unit. This mouthpiece will be created in a state of the art dental lab to closely match the curvature of your bite pattern and the contours of your teeth.

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