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To help lower your risk for various oral health problems that can arise, it is important to understand the relationship between diabetes and your smile. Diabetes affects nearly 10% of the US population, so it is important to make sure you let our office know if you are diabetic so that treatments can be tailored and customized to your individual oral health care needs.

When you have diabetes, you often suffer a delay in recovery time. Recovery time becomes an issue if you need a tooth restoration to correct issues that may be a present. Furthermore, complications can arise if you have gum disease, as it can lead to an increase in blood sugar and in turn, affect your diabetes.

Diabetes has been shown to lower saliva in your mouth. By having less saliva in your mouth, various dry mouth symptoms can occur, and your risk for various oral health problems and issues such as tooth decay and gum disease will grow. To keep your smile safe, always make sure you have enough saliva in your mouth and that you clean your teeth and gums every single day.

If you would like to improve the quality of your oral health if you have diabetes, please stop by Smile Designer for an oral exam at our remarkable dental office in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Book your appointment with Dr. Robert L. Martinich and our team by calling us at 303-566-7223.